Globiopedia - crazy creatures and more

Submitted by rlds on Fri, 05/24/2019
Globiopedia - Globiuz encyclopedia

Some thoughts on Globiuz encyclopedia

Globiuz has many crazy creatures and races that may confuse at first, but then appeal. Most fantasy books have trolls, elves and orks - and that mostly holds us aback to the 'classic view' of fantasy genre.

Globiuz creates new races in snap of a finger, instead of re-using the banal 'elf' & 'ork' niche, that dates way back to the ancient mythologies...

It's becoming so big, it needs a separate book

Globiuz has Paglots, Crickens, Black-Green-Gray-etc-Dwarfs and Gnomes, Cluxs, Iwis and tons of other critters in a wild array of imagination. Each and every book of Globiuz has a glossary in the beginning, characters, maps, places and even events, which takes a huge chunk of paper book.

A bonus book

It makes more sense now, to combine all materials from Globiuz I, II & III into Globiopedia with illustrations - and make it a supplementary book!