Globiuz II: The Golden Scallop is underway

Submitted by rlds on Sat, 09/29/2018
Globiuz First Light - the attic

The Globiuz sequel

The second book of the Globiuz series, written alongside with the First Light, is under proofreading and minor re-writing. It is set to be proofread, illustrated and published by Q4 2018.

Traditional illustration

The second stage of the work, would be the traditional paint illustration done by the author.

The plot

The second book of the Globiuz universe follows our journey of the messengers we have met in Azaz.

Our friends are about to discover the secret catacomb, the shah had warned them about in the castle, the legend of the Golden Scallop and the mystery of the Golden Rose.

The characters

This time, unlike in the first book, we have central characters of two friends, the ones we have met at the end of the First Light. The Cricken, Crix and the Green Elf, Legen.