Submitted by rlds on Wed, 05/22/2019
Glossary of Globiuz

The story reshaped - at last

Major proofreading and editing for the first two installments of Globiuz are done.

Globiuz I: First Light gets a new chapter, 'Back in the Attic' and 2 additional pages of the story.

Globiuz II: the Golden Scallop receives 7 additional pages of redaction and new details.

Glossary, or the Globiopedia

Expanded editions with new species, White Gnomes, Gray Gnomes, Saars and other critters that are explained, (additionally, planned to be illustrated for the Globiopedia).

The Second Editions have been proofread and edited by the author, and considered to be the full and definite editions.

Emples - odd goblins of Safir from u/rld_media